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Our Fees and Terms

Payment policy
We will provide you with an estimate of the fee after we have had an opportunity to discuss your case with you and have made our recommendation. The fee quoted will be the total fee and will include any Goods and Services Tax (“GST’’) or similar tax, no other fee including administrative fees will be charged. The fee will be paid into our trust account and disbursed to the member of chambers engaged by you.

Our terms generally include payment within 14 days of the presentation of our member’s invoice. Where our member is engaged by legal practitioners (or agents) on behalf of their client, it is a condition of our engagement that settlement of the invoice issued to the legal practitioner is not conditional upon those legal practitioners holding the funds on behalf of their client.

Where invoices are issued to parties directly, the agents or legal practitioners for each party will undertake to meet any default in payment by their respective clients within 7 days of any written request for payment.

Cancellation policy
Where one or more parties cancel an arbitration, mediation or other ADR service the following proportion of the fees of a member will become payable;

If it is less than 24 hours before the date of hearing, the full fee due and payable by each party while reserving the right of a party to seek recovery from the other party of any amount which it considers appropriate having regard to the breach by the other party of the agreement to engage our services

Where a cancellation is made no later than 5 working days before the date of the arbitration or mediation or other service then half of the fees will become payable to the member of  Dispute Resolution Chambers  from each party.  It is noted that this is also without prejudice to the rights of a party seeking to recover from the party which it considers to be in default any sum which it considers should be paid by the other party.

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