Australia’s leading set of ADR Chambers.  

Arbitrators, Mediators, Neutrals, Experts.


Who we are:-

  • Dispute Resolution Chambers is a set of chambers of leading, dedicated independent experienced full time commercial arbitrators and mediators. Each member of our chambers is a highly skilled alternative dispute resolution practitioner.

What we do:-

  • We offer a wide range of alternative dispute resolution processes to resolve disputes.  They can be used to resolve any type of dispute, conflict or claim. They are an alternative to going to Court and are known as ADR.

Why use Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative Dispute Resolution processes are cheaper and faster than traditional legal processes.

How we practice ADR:-

  • Each dispute is different and requires a careful consideration of the factual background, issues and needs of the parties.

On request, we provide obligation free advice and recommendation on how to best resolve your particular dispute including providing a clear estimate of our fees when you proceed and engage one of our members.  In contrast to litigation, you will know in advance the full cost of engaging our members.

  • We practise dispute resolution in all States of Australia and also internationally, particularly in Europe and in the Asia Pacific Region.

Efficient and cost effective, administrative arrangements:-

  •  Arrangements are already in place to access appropriate facilities where we practise, including the provision of suitable venues for arbitrations, mediations or other alternative dispute resolution processes.  Wherever possible, in order to save costs we will come to you and if the parties agree, use the facilities of one of the parties.
  • The most efficient and cost effective way of appointment is achieved, because there are no significant administrative costs or overheads. You may approach our members directly without third party involvement.  Our shared diaries mean that if one member is unavailable another member of chambers will be immediately offered to assist you.
  • Our members conduct arbitrations and mediations in accordance with the rules and protocols of the many professional associations to which they belong. They are also available to provide other ADR services such as case evaluation and early neutral evaluation.
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